Music & Me


Music has been my companion since I was 5 years old, and has determined all of my choices and travels across the World. My clarinet and I have been traveling through Italy, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Tanzania, Turkey, Israel, and Canada, embracing everything that Life could offer. What I learned from traveling is that judgement is the number one offender of communication, creativity and spontaneity. I understood that there are billions of Truths, and I always need to use as little filters than I can. I realized that, even though I grew up in a specific and defined culture, I can mirror myself and find common views in other human beings whom grew up on the other side of the planet.

In the past years, and thanks to the GLOMAS experience, I had fantastic opportunities to work with musicians coming from different cultural backgrounds. We searched for the best way to engage in the creative process together: overcoming boundaries, understanding limits, and recognizing the value of (any kind of) communication as the essential ingredient of a honest musical encounter. Most of the times, these encounters ended up in being meaningful, long-lasting friendships and professional collaborations.

I consider improvisation and free improvisation important tools for developing a connection, especially when following impulses of the present moment in a dialogical way, with authentic and open listening. I really enjoy performing in so-called sound painting ensembles, circus & theatre projects, as well as performing and working on graphic notation.

Teaching: I offer individual and group classes in clarinet as well as in Klezmer style and ensemble. At the moment I am leading at Paideia Folkhögskola a fantastic ensemble of amateur and professional musicians. I place particular attention to ear training and body awareness while playing, creating individual practicing routine for each student, and formulating targeted exercises to overcome challenges and train brain and body.